FZ Blackpool polo

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Miellyttävän tuntuinen sini-valkoinen polo paita näyttävällä värityksellä (mallisto 2018-19)

Valmistettu kevyestä kankaasta, missä erinomainen hengittävyys

Koot: 2XS-3XL

DRYFORZE: DryForze keeps you comfortable during the game. With the unique DryForze, we ensure maximum comfort. DryForze makes the fabric perspiration transporting, quick drying and super pleasant to wear, and the DryForze capabilities will stay with your clothes for much longer than similar technologies.

Anti shrink: All of our garments have been preshrunk to avoid size changing – follow the care label and your FZ FORZA clothes will stay with you for years.

ANTISTATIC: When moving around on court you create static electricity, but our fabrics prevent the garments from sticking to your body. To avoid your garments from being static, please do not tumble dry.

ANTI-PILLING: Our garments are made in fabrics either constructed to avoid anti-pilling or fabrics that are given an anti-pilling treatment. Even after washing several times, the surface will still look good.

STRECHABLE: We make sure that the styles have just the right stretch in order for the style to both fit the body and give comfort.